They are the ‘human’ exact carbon copy of Lucifer seeking to gamble Goodness

They are the ‘human’ exact carbon copy of Lucifer seeking to gamble Goodness

I’m not such as for instance spiritual, in fact, I would personally say I’m not religious anyway but alternatively spiritual; however, I could see in which so it try is going

All I am aware could there be are little armenia telefoonnummer size in pretty bad shape happening most of the more than the united states whenever this type of cretins hold the technical so you can apply to mass behavior, do not think getting an additional they would not put it to use. And you can truly just a good suicidal, delusional deceive carry out carry on that dead-end highway.

Helps it be probable that the thus-titled intelligence people is actually bed with hollywood

Ultimately where all sociopathic excursions end up–as a big hot ass mess with the collective world reeling from the aftermath. And they would have us believe that they are an infallible, all-powerful inescapable force of nature to be reckoned with; but the manner in which they operate speaks to something wholly opposite: they slink and hide in the shadows like a crack addict looking for their next rock or like a wanted fugitive constantly looking over their shoulder for the long arm of the law to ominously swoop down on them…this is NOT the way a sure of themselves, fearless, heroic world leader FUNCTIONS. This is the way a deeply psychologically disturbed, down-to-it’s-last-fix addict, who has no self-esteem left, no integrity, who is cowardly at their core and is convinced that they don’t have anything left to lose, behaves. A cornered, feral animal is what you have here. What we are witnessing at work here is the archetypical CRIMINAL that the above agencies SWEAR THEY are in the business of protecting the general public from.HA! As if..tell me, how can you genuinely expect JUSTICE from an organized network of CRIMINALS? Maybe I’m missing something here. So I guess the question is: Must you end up being a criminal in order to snag what you check just like the a violent? The answer is staring you right in the face if you are reading this blog. Back to the movie Control Factor: I guess if the CIA/FBI continues to co-opt hollywood and use them in the same way that they used authors like Gloria Naylor, Evelyn Waugh and even Orwell in the past to discreetly tell the public about their secret plans, then I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised that this film would try to make out the establishment as the hero in the end as opposed to the devil they really are. After all the devil IS in the details and I’m sure they are hoping we don’t notice them or even better–we are oblivious to them. A little revisionist history and embellishment of the truth is what hollywood after all is known for..

Whenever i mentioned several times prior to low-individual shill Janet Lauritsen Beumer’s kid was Derek J. Beumer, who’s reportedly a hollywood flick music producer. We won’t put One thing earlier this type of troglodytes. I guess the best way to have a beneficial cowardly bitch to complete its filthy efforts are so you’re able to slip and you can skulk about tincture and/or use easily controlled dullards and you may missing souls to accomplish the fresh new heavy lifting to you personally. Simple fact is that american ways it looks.. What i’m saying is that with most of the fiber out of my personal becoming. You simply cannot also very label men and women responsible for these types of pogroms ‘human’. Perhaps peoples-such as or humanoid. But person? Perhaps evolutionary throwbacks. But naturally an effective devolution. A variety regression since it have been. And they in reality imagine he’s far better than the people on globally. Laughable.

How is it these someone ostensibly ‘rule’ the nation and now have if not actually, metaphorically, commandeered this runaway train named humankind towards a steep cliff and you may is able to destroy not just themselves however, us about teach using them? He’s accumulated all the riches, most of the fuel, whether or not illusory, possess availed on their own regarding unfettered the means to access most of the limited sheer resources on the planet–Yet, will it be sufficient and you will manage they appear satiated otherwise delighted? Check near you? Does it arrive people who find themselves enraged that have energy and you can starved for much more are content with their spoils? Zero, it generally does not browse like that from my personal vantage point both. They look become unhappy fucks that happen to be certifiably of their minds. Enjoying boogeymen doing all place. Undertaking boogeymen in which not one occur so you’re able to Justify its incessant paranoia. And they certainly are the ‘people’ just who populate the fresh CIA, the new FBI, brand new NSA, the fresh new DoD,new MI5’s, brand new Mossads and the most other sundry home-based and overseas unfamiliar otherwise unnamed govt businesses or proxies working on the behalf. This is what your taxation $$ are financing. Some tips about what the obedience and apathy is actually feeding and promising. A comparable style of monster that has been Nazi Germany. I guess i as human beings never ever manage discover, can we?

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